Meshia Q. Carter ( Meshia Short of Wymeshia (y-me sha) and Q short for Queshea(que-shea)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God Sees God Changes

You know that feeling when nothing in your life is going right, everything that you start you never seem to finish, that feeling of no hope, or that feeling that know one around you understands. But i know here on this very day that God understands. For the past two years ive been living this unhappi college life, flunkn in and out of semesters, i began to feel and become stressed from this stress accumulated problems....i began dealing and surrounding myself with things that i didn't normally do. But i learned things catch up with you and there are consequences placed in front of you to teach you and to help you to grown. Are lives are like a car if you dont keep up with a car what will happen to it? it will began to fall apart! Thats just like our lives if we dont seak what God has for us we will never get are break tru... God breaks us down in order to get that break through wether its through LOVE, LIFE whatever the situation maybe you GOT to get your BREAKDOWN in order to get your break through. After two years im not giving up this college experience nevertheless im moving on its not what i need. This time im believing in me. And my transformation is starting right now.

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