Meshia Q. Carter ( Meshia Short of Wymeshia (y-me sha) and Q short for Queshea(que-shea)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ruby not just any polo

Rugby is were casual campus meets downtown prep that is sensible for youth and adult. The signature is the brand of the authentic shirt, a symbol of there classic,sporting heritage. From rebellious sport attired looks for men to sexy sharp-campus styles for women Rugby embraces a lasting sense of timeless individuality . Since 2004 Rugby collections have been available in the united states store and still are. The closest one to the DMV would be Georgetown. I choose to speak on the Rugby clothing line because it is one of my favorites and most worn, the prices are reasonable and hey id your a college student you are guaranteed that discount...

Ily My Rugby How Bout you

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brown Sugar

Hear i am on this late night ...and you know what happens on late nights we thinkn of that certain someone. And it all started like this

Text Message Convo:
Me-Awww Look @ chu
You-Yup look at me I'm cute
Me- Nah anybody can b cute u my brown sugar
Ok yall brown sugar is what we call that (wifey material, fine,smart,classy but not a snob,hella hella sexy but not a hoe. thats brown sugar)
You-Yea i know
Me-whole time thats goin be my new blog for tonight
You- Yea!!! Speak on that

haha yall might not fully understand this but then agian u wont cause u arent me. But anyway i met my brown sugar back in my high school days as i remember 2007! We had are share of pain and tears...and we even got to the point were we loved one another so much that we couldn't stand one another. We had to completely separate ourselves from one another. At the time this was a hard situation to overcome but it was for the best. Even after everything we went through we finally can live a healthier relationship. You know u have met that brown sugar wen you can tell anyone just about anything them, this person is the first thing you wake up with on your mind in the morning and the last person on ur mind when you go to sleep a night, the thought of being without them makes u want to cry,you can communicate with them without speaking, you know just what they goin put on the burrito at chipotle or the junk food they'd like from seven elven on that late night..hahahah..WINK... that wonderfully feeling of brown sugar left me at one point but its back and i cant help but let it touch every part of me. And i dont want to give it up im completely covered in a New place your hand on my heart and now it beats. I Love You Brown Sugar


Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack ft. Sean Garrett

God Sees God Changes

You know that feeling when nothing in your life is going right, everything that you start you never seem to finish, that feeling of no hope, or that feeling that know one around you understands. But i know here on this very day that God understands. For the past two years ive been living this unhappi college life, flunkn in and out of semesters, i began to feel and become stressed from this stress accumulated problems....i began dealing and surrounding myself with things that i didn't normally do. But i learned things catch up with you and there are consequences placed in front of you to teach you and to help you to grown. Are lives are like a car if you dont keep up with a car what will happen to it? it will began to fall apart! Thats just like our lives if we dont seak what God has for us we will never get are break tru... God breaks us down in order to get that break through wether its through LOVE, LIFE whatever the situation maybe you GOT to get your BREAKDOWN in order to get your break through. After two years im not giving up this college experience nevertheless im moving on its not what i need. This time im believing in me. And my transformation is starting right now.